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Born in Damascus (Syria), Hekmat Homsi began his classical guitar studies at the age of 8 in Syria, showing early promise as a musical talent. Besides, he plays piano and oud (traditional oriental instrument).

In 2014, he moved to Switzerland and continued his guitar education in the pre-professional section at the Conservatory of Neuchâtel with Denis Battais (guitarist) and François Cattin (composer).

In 2017, he joined the Hochschule der Künste in Bern where he continued his professional studies with Elena Càsoli, and he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Classical Guitar in June 2020.

Passionate about classical composition, Hekmat decides to prepare a Master’s project in Composition and Musical Theatre at the same Hochschule in Bern. Since then, Hekmat has worked as a composer under the guidance of world references in composition, musical theater, contemporary music, and sound arts such as Xavier Dayer (composition), Simon Steen-Andersen (composition and musical theater), Cathy van-Eck (composition and sound arts), Gilbert Nouno (composition and electronics), Angela Bürger (musical theater), Leo Dick (composition, soundscape), among many others.

Hekmat is a very active composer-guitarist, he has played with many classical, contemporary, and pop music ensembles and participated in many projects and concerts as a soloist guitarist, or as a composer between Syria and Switzerland.

In addition, Hekmat has worked and composed many chamber music pieces for ensembles such as Shockwave and Vortex, and also orchestra piece for the Neuchâtel conservatory orchestra.

In 2020 he creates “Duo REGARDS” in collaboration with Ludmilla Mercier. At the junction between musical theater, new technologies and live musical performance.

Furthermore, he has had the opportunity to create pieces by several composers, either as a guitar soloist with the Neuchâtel Symphony Ensemble: creation by François Cattin, or as an oudist: creation by Ezequiel Cappellano, among many other composers.

During his work, he had the chance to participate in masterclasses with best guitarists such as Oscar Ghiglia, Victor Villadangos and Marcin Dylla.

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